A smart money manager providing real time transactions and categorisation of spending to help students manage their finances.


A budgeting tool for students.

We worked with a UK challenger bank to design a personal finance manager aimed at students, a smartphone application integrated with a payment card, providing real-time transactions.

Real-time transactions and categorisation of spending

Following a period of research and discovery into how students manage their money we developed a prototype for a personal finance manager. The application incorporated key features that had been identified as most useful in helping students keep on track of their spending.

The smart budgeting app enabled students to set a budget, view real time transactions and categorisation of spending, giving the user a greatly improved view over the standard statement layout. The application needed to be simple, flexible and adaptable to the users needs, alerts and notifications were optional and a budget could be set for a day, week, month or a whole term.

Working in two week sprints and testing the prototype at the end of each cycle, we were able to rapidly respond to user feedback, refining and improving the application at the end of each cycle, resulting in a rigorously tested, market ready, minimum viable product.